Logo Design

When offering a simple service, go with a simple logo design. In general, when it comes to company logos, simplistic is oftentimes better than abstract or complex. Remember that your logo does not have to reflect what a service offers to their client. The McDonald’s golden arches have been used in many examples, since that is one of the most recognizable logos, but what about their logo makes it stand out from the rest? Repeated usage. The logo is everywhere, and it has become successful enough to immediately associate itself with the fast food line with one glance. There are no hamburgers or french fries in that logo, only the first initial of the company name. And it works. Never create a logo that you will want to change later.

Go over your options and design around it thoroughly and completely until you are satisfied with that portion of your corporate identity. When using images and text (like Pepsi does), make them opposite from one another, never overlapping into each other or anything like that. When you do want to go for extravagance, do not take it too far. The more minimalist a logo is, the more it will stick out to people when they see it, and the more they will associate it with your brand or company.

Logo Design Software

There is software to use on the Internet that can create a logo design for you. These are generally convenient if you want to create your own logo design within the confines and limitations that the program offers, but for more variety and total control over it, a business owner might consider contacting a professional. Still, depending on the program, there are a lot of options here to create one. The size, color and textures can be controlled. The text can be anything that is placed into the field input, usually with a slew of unique fonts.

Remember that, when utilizing any font that is not readily available and free on the market, that the licensing rights of that font are paid for by the people who own them – and that you keep proof. Anyway, once the logo is created, it will be time to either use it on a company website, or print it out on high-glossy paper to later transpose into other, more official documents. There are many services that can be helpful for a specific logo that has already been created, like having it as an ink stamp. Keep in mind that there are also programs out there for creating your very own business card design.

Logo Design Contests

Outside of things like brochure design companies and things of that nature, some resources host specific events that give clients more options for their dollar. These are known as logo design contests, and they are wonderful resources to have if a business owner is particularly choosey or hard to please – not that this is a bad thing, because style guide designs are an important step. How one of these “contests” work is simple.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of graphic designers on hand who are willing to put forth their services in order to please a client enough to win their money. The client will compile their design briefing, which includes guidelines on what they want in their logo, including colors, images, and things of that nature. The client will also offer a basal amount of money for the design. All of the available (or interested) designers will start creating logos according to these specifications, sometimes hundreds at a time. The client then reviews all of these logos, providing feedback as desired, until the due date (often specified by the client) has ended. At this point, the client has a great deal of options to choose from, and the person that he picks to win the contest receives the money from the client for their logo and licensing rights.

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