Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is a marketing term used to refer to the way a corporation comes across to its clients, in a sense. It influences a wide range of things, including business objectives, and is displayed through brands and company trademarks – for example, company logos.

Corporate identity is difficult to explain, because it is not an actual, physical entity. It comes into place when a company adopts a sort of philosophy about how they operate. It is their identity, as an organization, institute, business, or whichever other terms are used to describe them. In other words, it is the personality and psychology behind how the group does things. The corporate identity that a company adopts enables them to make it come across as though they have ownership of this way of operating.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

There are certain guidelines to go over in establishing such an identity within the confines of a business or enterprise. The corporate title, slogan, and logo design play a big role, and give clients immediate knowledge on what represents them. T

he usual questions that an entity needs to answer with regards to an identity are things like who they are as a company, where they are going, and what they offer to the general public. This is outlined somewhere in an official setting, notably on a website, or implemented into a brochure design with other background details included. Things like layouts, color palettes, fonts, and other things are used with the identity to maintain brand recognition across a set of guidelines established in a style guide (identity manual).

Corporate Identity Manual

A style guide (identity manual) is just a set of general guidelines that a company must follow in order to maintain recognizability in all forms of visual representation for their company, trademarks, logos, and even business card design in some cases. Put into perspective, McDonald’s uses the golden arches “M” all across concepts in their style guide, with the colors red and yellow appearing consistently throughout everything they promote, from advertisement to their food packaging. This is outlined in their specific identity manual, which was created as a means for their brand to be distinguishable from other brands. This equates to their target demographic being able to spot them and their signatures immediately; however, this recognition does not come free.

Corporate Identity Package

Brands and businesses far and wide hire people to create packages to channel their corporal identities. The things that go into creating such an identity include the research behind what makes the target demographic of the service or business respond positively to; the designing of everything regarding the business within the guidelines of the sheet; and finally, the execution of the identity for pushing it into the public eye to make the client stick out from the rest.

As you can guess, this requires quite a bit of money and resources from many professional designers, and there is also a slight psychological aspect involved in trying to figure out what a certain brand crowd might want from a service they often use. In addition to the designs mentioned in other sections, there is a full art line of concepts that corporate figureheads can choose from. However, a price quote is difficult to give, since packages very a lot.

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