Business Card Design

Business Cards Stack

Business Cards Stack

A business card, as its name implies, has information printed on it about an organization, enterprise, company, or an individual. There is a style sheet with this reference piece known as the business card design. The general use for one of these cards is to have multiple copies printed out in order to hand them to potential clients, or for general promotion of services or products that a company offers.

Affixed in the card include typical information, like a name (company name), the affiliation that person has (if with a company), information that can be used to contact that individual (or company), including its phone number, fax, street address, and more recently, email address and webpage URL. More often than not, there is a photo of the person in the case of an individual, or company logos affixed beside the text in the case of a company – with many design factors between. It also assists in the growth of a corporate identity, working alongside the promotional style guide. As you can see, there are a lot of important functions that having a business card serve for the growth of the company. However, when you decide to get one, the business card design needs to be contemplated quite a bit.

What is Business Card Design?

The original business card design card had a black typeface on a white background, usually out of several materials, but most often the harder and denser types of paper. There are a lot of general guidelines to cover here. Another thing with multiple facets is a brochure design. The complexity and simplicity of a business card design depends on what the client prefers. While it is true that a card with more going on in the design can be eye-popping and noticeable to someone whom the card has been given, those types of designs are also much harder to manufacture, and oftentimes more expensive.

People who prefer minimalism may be suited with just a nice, simple design – which can look quite attractive and professional in its own right, even without all of the extra features. Some of them have plain, thick paper, while others have glossy paper. Given a high enough quality, business card design can implement actual color photos of the individual, or the headquarters of an organization. The card stock, type and background colors, logo design, layout and printing method can be altered.

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