Company Logos

A company logo is an emblem or an insignia that business, enterprises or institutions adapt into all matters of advertisement affairs and things like it in order to extend brand recognition back to them. Company logos can be anything used to identify a business-related entity. For example, it can be as simple as an abstract symbol, or as complex as a logotype floating over an intricate design in some way – that, or just the text name of the company written out, usually in a distinctive font to set it apart from everyone else.

There is an importance for an organization to promote themselves through company logos. People mentally attach and associate things with other things, and using a logo will make others associate their company with products, services, or other things. Even more important is having good logo design. There are many advocates of subtle and innocuous company logos, while others think that making their logo punctual and complex allows their company logo to stand out from the rest.

Categorizing Company Logos

Free: Yes, a business owner or corporate identity can get a free company logo. There are a few things that the person in charge has to know before deciding though. For one, when going the free route, do not expect for there to be designs for everything you may be thinking about.

How the process works is, a graphic designing company will give out several logo designs – usually only in the form of symbols and other abstract art, rather than with a word-mark attached to it like you might see in most places – and allow business owners to choose from these designs, essentially claiming them for their own personal use. The person who claims these original designs first will get to use them legally, as the rights will be handed over as a secondary public service to business owners.

Custom Design: This is where the real customization comes in. You may find that the same graphic designers offering free company logos for companies will have services wherein they will create any logo you specify from scratch – for a nominal fee, of course. The price will depend on how intricate and detailed the logo is. Your average scratch logo will cost maybe $59 (£36). This is a basic design, providing only the ability to make an entity recognizable in public.

More complex designs, like full-fledged symbols with high-quality contours will run closer to $100 (£62). However, the crème de la crop in company logo design, with every feature and specification the client wants, should run no more than $150 (£93). Prices higher than that should be avoided, as these quotes are pulled from major designers. These professional designers usually do other things, like business card design, so check them out.

Famous Company Logos

Are you familiar with the famous golden arches that the McDonald’s chain uses? Likewise, Coca Cola has its own logo that uses its own name in stylized, cursive writing, with a white background and red typography. You may recognize the logo for Pepsi, which includes a red, white and blue circle with the company typeface beside it.

Furthermore, the logo for Bentley car designs has a black center background and a white “B” with silver wings extending from either sides. Royal Enfield depicts a red background, white typeface, and a black and white old-style cannon. These and others are company logos. Starbucks coffee depicts a twin-tailed siren! There are countless others. You can find them in advertisements everywhere, in brochure design, other magazines, on the television, and even the Internet.

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